Friday, December 7, 2007

Crossing the line...

O.K. I will be the first to admit that I have crazy hair. I've always had crazy hair. I will continue to have crazy hair for the rest of my life. Unless I shave it off which I would never do because if it's crazy now...God only knows how it would grow back.

It's thick. It's coarse. Some parts are curly, some parts are straight. And overall, it's pretty unruly. I know that, which is why I'm pretty comfortable making fun of myself as far as my hair is concerned. I can't find any right now, but I'm sure that somewhere there are pictures of me when I had long hair and I would do my Cousin It impression...

The Addams Family - Cousin It

Now it's a running family joke that whenever I wake up in the morning with particular bad bedhead that everyone must be sure to tell me that I have "Craaaaazy Hair". Another fun one is when people lose things and they come check to see if it got lost in my hair. Just the other day Jake was looking at a picture of my nephew (who happened to have long, curly hair in the shot) and said "Look, he's got Mommy Hair". And it's all in good fun. Like I said...I admit it, I have crazy hair.

But this morning, while we were watching Doodlebops, Jake said. "Rooney doesn't wear a wig, he just has crazy hair like you Mommy. Deedee and Moe wear wigs, though."

Doodlebops - Rooney Doodle

O.K. At what point did my hair turn into blue foam????

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Karen (Pediascribe) said...

my 10 and 13 yr olds are scared of the Doodlebops! :)
But I don't think they'd be scared of you, even with your crazy hair.

I just keep cutting mine very short to deal with it's obvious lack of style!

cynderloowho said...

Sorry, but I personally am ALWAYS in favor of the shaving of the hair...and you have great hair. If I had your hair, it would be down my back and an unruly tide.

carrie said...

LOL!!!!!! I'm loving it!