Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Ornaments

I love Christmas ornaments. We have made it a family tradition that we all get a new Christmas ornament every year and then Santa leaves us each an ornament in our stockings. I also get some as gifts and have gotten the ones I had as a child from my mom. I'm not so big on the kinds of trees that have all the same ornaments or a theme. The way I figure, it's the history and the mish-mash of ornaments that give a tree it's character. Here are some of my favorites.

Big Bird Christmas Ornament

This is one of the first ornaments I received as a gift. I picked it out myself at our annual church craft bazaar and all my brothers and sisters got ornaments from the same booth that year. I think I was about 6.

Christmas Ornament

I just love this one, it's fancy without being gawdy.

Danish Christmas Star Ornament

My mom gave me this one last year. Either she or my grandmother made it. It's very small and is basically starched string. I'm sure the type of handiwork has a name, I'm just not sure what it is...

Handprint Christmas Ornament title=

This is Jake's first handmade school ornament. Emma should be making one this year, too.

Snowmen Sled Christmas Ornament title=

Dave and I received this the year we got married.

Felt Joy Heart Christmas Ornament title=

I love how simple this one is. The picture's not all that great, but it's a green felt heart with the word "joy" stitched on the front.

Hallmark Boy's First Christmas Ornament

Jake's first Christmas ornament from his first Christmas.

Angel Seashell Christmas Ornament title=

I really like how delicate this little angel is.

Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Christmas Ornament title=

We got this Swarovski Crystal ornament from our good friends. It's beautiful when you put it right in front of a bulb and how the light plays with it.

Hallmark Girl's First Christmas Ornament

Emma's first Christmas ornament from her first Christmas.

Peanuts Snoopy and Woodstock Skating Christmas Ornament title=

We love the Peanuts Gang in this house! This one is only about an inch tall so it can easily get lost amongst the bigger ornaments, but it makes me smile every time I look at it.

Angel Bell Christmas Ornament title=

This is another one I got when I was really young. It has a little bell hanging off of it and has my name etched into it.

Pewter Angel Believe Christmas Ornament title=

Merry Christmas!!

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MondaythroughSunday said...

I love ornaments...they all have such a wonderful least that is what my tree is all about. We decorate it together each year and every year we remember...GREAT list! Merry Christmas!

jenn said...

I have the same angel with a bell from when I was young. Mine has my name on it too.

I also love the "mish mash" of ornaments that mean tree is the same way!

Happy tt!

damozel said...

Those are really pretty. As someone much older than you are, I have to laugh though---at the fact that at the rate you're going, you'll eventually need 2-3 trees to hold all your lovely ornaments!

I know what I'm talking about---we did the same thing with ornaments you do.

Oh well, you'll work it out when the time comes. Enjoy your beautiful tree! I have some really cute animals you should really drop in and see! The Flatland Almanack --Damozel

DrillerAA said...

What's not to like about Snoopy? Great ornaments. I've posted two weeks worth of ornaments. Stop by for a visit.

Happy TT and Merry Christmas

Scribbit said...

My favorite is the seashell angel--though it only beat out Big Bird by a wing.

Gellianne said...

Hi! I love Snoopy!

Wakela Runen said...

I have a box packed away of ornaments that my mom made. We used to put them up on the tree all the time. I just couldn't bring myself to decorate this year though.

My TT is up at

Marina said...

Our family has a mishmash also, and we actually ran out of room on our tree last year (but then we had one side against a wall, so I didn't put many over there). We don't have our tree yet (we're hoping to do that this weekend), but we're looking forward to its trimming.

Not holiday themed, but feel free to stop by:

Sassy Lucy said...

I am an ornament addict...I love the first Christmas ornaments you have...never seen anything like them. I am out visiting late this week but hope you will stop by:

Tiff said...

I love the snowflake. . If you ever find out how to make it let me know!

The Lazy Organizer said...

How fun! Persistence has that same shell angel! I was so sad when I pulled it out of it's box and some of the flowers had broken off. I need to get it glued back together for her.

Anonymous said...

those are some beautiful ornaments and some great memories.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

I have the same angel as you with my name etched into it. Only difference is my bell is attached to her hand (where that little circle is)
Must have been a popular ornament!