Monday, December 10, 2007


I just couldn't think of a clever title. My brain hurts. I've got so much on my plate over the next week and a half that I can't even begin to right a post on anything in particular. So revel in these random happenings of the past weekend and marvel at our upcoming schedule...

  • Jacob is old enough this year to participate in this year's Christmas pageant at church. It was this past weekend (dress rehearsal on Friday, performance on Saturday, and performance on Sunday). I was one of the 2 helpers that blindly volunteered to lead the preschool group for the performance. Dave taped parts of the show and there are a lot of cute shots of the kids and my butt while I try to keep the kids from running willy nilly on the stage.
  • Our church youth program has a fundraiser every year called Stop, Drop and Shop. It was on Saturday morning. You drop your kids off at the church for 4 hours and they babysit while you go out and shop....or get a massage like my friend did. Whatever.
  • We spent 45 minutes of that 4 hour chunk in line at the post office to correct the fact that they had stopped our mail almost 2 weeks before i told them they needed to. Great fun when you are expecting Christmas presents in the mail.
  • I went to the grocery.
  • Today was lunch with Santa. Well, actually, it was lunch with the parents and then after lunch Santa came and read everybody a story and passed out presents to all the kids. As soon as Jake heard he was going to get a present, he said "Will it be my color-by-numbers??" which is the ONLY THING he has asked for for Christmas. He got a puzzle.
  • Barring any snow delays, we have school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  • On Friday, we have rehearsal for our choir cantata.
  • On Saturday, we are going out to dinner and going to see Sweeny Todd.
  • On Sunday, we have our choir cantata in the early evening immediately followed by cookies and caroling at the church.
  • Monday and Tuesday involves packing and we leave on Wednesday for Illinois for Christmas
  • We get back to Ohio on Christmas Eve day and then sing at church at 8pm (after a 7 hour car ride).

2 reviews:

Scribbit said...

I'd love to hear that cantata (took me three times to spell that right!)

Gumby said...

Do you see the Sweeny Todd movie or stage show? We saw the stage show Thursday night - LOVED IT!