Thursday, March 1, 2007

Alright, already!

I think someone is trying to tell me something...

The kids were a little uncooperative this morning and I felt myself getting very frustrated very early. Jake just wasn't listening and Emma would not stop JABBERING. I mean, constant noise. So I pile them in the car to take Jake to school and run errands with Emma. I thought maybe a little music would calm them down so I turned on the radio and started to sing along (and, no, I didn't think my singing would help. I just like to pretend I'm a rock star), but they just yelled and jabbered over the music which caused me to sing louder which caused them to jabber louder and I'm surprised we didn't get pulled over or something. And so I drop off Jake and since I didn't have time to make coffee this morning, I stopped at Starbucks for some cappucino. Yeah, great idea. Let's add caffeine to the mix.

Anyway, I get to the (small) store and Emma would not be quiet. She wasn't crying or screaming, she just wouldn't stop making noise. I should have kept track of how many times she said "Mommy" but I was too busy wondering if anyone else in the store was getting a headache. When I went to check out, the cashier said "Well someone's in a good mood". And that made me stop and think that yes, at least she was in a good mood. At least she WASN'T crying or screaming. So I left the store a little happier.

At lunch with Dave, he says "Hey, I started a blog today". I instantly started teasing him and calling him a copycat (aren't I the loving wife), but I told him I would take a look when I got home. When I logged onto Just Another Day in My Life, two thing struck me. 1, I was happy he used a good picture of us. I love that picture. And 2, I realized he was going to blog about taking the time every day to be thankful for things in his life. I instantly IMed him and told him what a great idea for a blog that was. But I started to see a trend developing.

After checking Dave's blog, I went on over to my friend Christine's blog at Fruit in Season, and lo and behold, her post is a Thankful Thursday post. She, too, is having a not so great day at home, but yet she was still able to stop and take the time to realize things she is thankful for.

O.K. I get it. I need to stop more and realize the good things that are good in my life instead of just joking (or not) about the bad. But why is it so hard to do that? Why is it so much easier to joke and make light of the tantrum but not mention the unprompted "I love you, Mommy" I got today?

Who ever thought blogging would make me think...

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Jill said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I think it is so cool that you and your husband are blogging. Too cool!

Christine said...

Wow did I start something with your family or what???!!

I can't wait to check out Dave's blog!