Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy Day in Blogland

So I was checking all my blogs today and there seems to be a recurring theme: cute/good/happy kid day. And here I was trying to be all cynical about my day and all this happiness enters in. I admit that is indeed contagious, so I will contribute with my cute/good/happy kid story...

Hold on, I'm thinking...

O.K. Got it. Jacob is really starting to be nice to Emma (is it coincidence that Emma recently learned to push BACK?) He helps her put her cup in the refrigerator and little things like that. But the other day when we were taking a walk, we stopped to watch the garbage truck come down the street. As the truck got closer, Emma really started freaking out. But Jake just started stroking her hair and said "It's O.K. Emma, don't be scary. It's just a garbage truck. See? Wave bye to the garbage truck".

It's little moments like these that make me think there's hope for them yet.

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2 reviews:

Sue said...

That is such a sweet story. I love to see their love for each other.

Christine said...

I love that story! ANd I'll have to check out the others, too.