Monday, June 25, 2007

"100 Things" - a post in 3 acts - Act 1

Rumor has it that since I've done 100+ posts, that ya'll want to know 100 things about me. Or at least I get to pretend that ya'll want to know 100 things about me! But since that makes for one long post (and I want you to keep coming back), I'm going to split it up. How crafty am I?

  1. I am the youngest of 6 kids - but please don't call me the baby.
  2. I'm 50% Danish, 50% Italian, and 50% Irish.
  3. I was a surprise baby.
  4. My birthday is in the summertime.
  5. I've never celebrated a birthday at school.
  6. I spent the summer before 1st grade on crutches.
  7. I scared my mom whenever I would use the crutches.
  8. I used to collect Pez dispenser (200+ at the height of my collection)
  9. My husband and I met during a production of Grease.
  10. Before we started dating, I set my husband up with my sister.
  11. I have been involved in over 20 plays (either onstage or backstage)
  12. I have directed one show (our church's production of Godspell)
  13. I will never direct a full size show again.
  14. I don't have a Bachelor's Degree, Associate's was as far as I got.
  15. I had 2 more classes left in a self-designed major to get my Bachelor's.
  16. I was 8.5 months pregnant with Emma when the class ended. I never went back (and I have no plans to)
  17. I hiked up a mountain once.
  18. I had jaw surgery the summer before my senior year in high school and spent my 17th birthday with my jaw wired shut.
  19. I had braces for nearly 5 years.
  20. I never wore my retainer.
  21. My teeth are crooked again and my dentist is bugging me about braces.
  22. As part of a tooth implant, I had bone extracted from my him and inserted into my jaw.
  23. I remember the pain of the days after the bone extraction more than I remember the pain of childbirth.
  24. My boyfriend in high school asked me out after he (accidentally) walked in on me changing for a play.
  25. I once considered modeling as a career.
  26. I laugh out loud at the notion of me as a model. For anything. Except for maybe pajamas.
  27. I would love to be a DJ. Performance without being seen.
  28. I'm horribly afraid of the dark.
  29. I have a lot of fears actually.
  30. When I go to the reptile house at the zoo, I don't like to stand too close to the glass in case one gets out.
  31. I also don't like to lean against the walls in case one already got out and is about to nest in my hair.
  32. I don't like to swim in un-chlorinated water for fear that some other species will think my toes make a good snack.
  33. I don't want my kids to inherit my fears.

Stay tuned in the days to come for Acts 2 and 3!

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