Saturday, June 9, 2007

Smart Habit Saturdays

While we were away this past week, I had plenty of time to think about what I wanted to do for my habit this week. That doesn't mean I actually DID think about it, I just had a lot of time to. LOL!

As I was putting Emma to bed tonight, I realized something. Even though she's 2 years old, I never developed a bedtime routine for her. Dave takes care of Jake's bedtime routine and they do a lot! With Emma, I pretty much put a new diaper on her, wrestle her for the toothbrush and put her in her crib. Good night!

Jake gets potty time, teeth brushed, 2 or 3 books, prayers, backrubs, noserubs, usually a little bit of tickling and then lights out. Emma gets zilch. I really need to change that!

So, this week I am going to make a habit of doing a bedtime routine for Emma. We'll do potty time, teeth brushing, 1 or 2 books, and prayers. Dave is on travel again this week, so I'll be happy if the kids get their routines in 5 nights (usually I just want to get them in bed because I am DONE by the end of the day).

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Here are my other habits/goals for 2007:
8K a Day - habit
Wear my pedometer - habit
R-E-S-P-E-C-T - mostly a habit
Food Journal and Scrounging - working on
Increased personal reading time - habit
Limit personal computer time - working on
1 on 1 kids time - working on

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Montserrat said...

She'll probably love all the extra attention! Have fun with your new habit this week.

The Lazy Organizer said...

I feel the same way at night! My kids can't figure out why I don't want to lay down by them and talk for 30 minutes. I'm too tired and I want my shift to end! Getting the kids to bed earlier has helped so much though.

We've been saying prayers with my two yeary old for a while and she has just started saying them by herself. "Bless my Primary. Bless my peanut butter. Bless my tinkle." It cracks me up every time!

Bamadawg1980 said...

That's a great habit to start! We don't really include anything in the bedtime routine except teeth brushing, pottying, pajamas, baths, etc., but I do try to have reading time with the kids during the day. It's just overwhelming to me to think of doing it all at night.

Good luck!

Slava Bogu!

Rebecca said...

I used to have a great little routine with my son. Now it's diaper, jammies {when he chooses to wear them} & bed. My hubby has been away so yeah I just want to be done. That is something I want to start back up again though & do well with it by the time my baby needs a routine. She gets diapered/jammies/nurse & bed. That's more necessity than routine. Good luck this week!