Friday, September 21, 2007

Driving me nuts!

Nothing is so unnerving as realizing how much you depend on your computer...


argh. the internet here at the house has been going in and out since Monday and it's driving me BATTY! It'll be on for 5 minutes than off for 3 hours. I finally put in a call to the cable people (we have cable for our internet and phone which means our phone has been spotty, too) and I made an appointment for them to come out yesterday afternoon. Dave came home on Tuesday and jiggled a cord and everything was hunky dory...but I forgot to call and cancel the cable guy. Which I felt really bad about when he showed up at our door. So we've been going strong for 2 whole days.

Then I log on today and it starts getting all persnickety again!

HELLO! Does my modem not realize how much my fans need to hear from me everyday? I'm behind in posting. I'm behind in reading. I'm behind in surfing. I nearly went catatonic on Tuesday when I had to get out the actual phone book in my cabinet to look up a phone number...

So I figure I better post while I can, while my modem is being good to me. Maybe I'll give it the weekend off and get back to regularly scheduled posting next week.

If not, I may just lose my mind!

2 reviews:

ValleyGirl said...

I've become ENTIRELY too dependent on my computer as well. I think I actually go into withdrawal when we're away from home or have company!!

Beth F. said...

I would LOSE my mind. I was out for about 2 hours last night and was pulling my hair out. I hope it starts working right away!