Wednesday, September 26, 2007

LW 08 - Week 1

So here we are in week 1 of the Lose Weight in 2008 challenge sponsored by Tales from the Scales. I totally missed last week because of my stupid computer, so I'll just start from here I guess.

For me, this challenge is going to be more about maintaining than losing. As of today, I only need to drop 2.5 pounds to get into my "target zone". From there, I would like to maintain my weight within 3 pounds for the rest of the challenge.

Just to put it in writing (and therefore increase the likelihood of actually doing it), I am going to include my Winning Outcome for the Challenge and also include 1 new goal a week. And it might not always be outwardly about weight loss. I'm beginning to realize that so much more goes into this than just food and exercise, so I need to start bringing all those things together.

I will also include my weight every week. It makes a big difference to put that number out there, and I have found that the more people I share it with, the more accountable I become.

I did happen to weigh in last week in the anticipation of signing up for the challenge (did I mention my computer was stupid), so I do actually have results to report this week. I'm up .5 lb over last week, which means I need to lose 2.5 pounds to get back into my goal range.

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9/19/07 weight: 159
9/26/07 weight: 159.5
This week's goal - Lights out by 11:30pm

Winning Outcome for Lose Weight in 2008 Challenge
“I will to maintain my weight between 154 lbs and 157 lbs throughout this challenge. I will increase weight training to 2 times a week. I will continue to do cardio work for 3 or 4 days a week. I will walk between 8,000 and 10,000 steps a day EVERY DAY.”

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Emma said...

Good luck with the challenge, Thea. Those sound like great (and realistic) goals to have! Also thank you so much for the comment on my blog earlier, it really helped me find some perspective.

Kellie said...

I so need to work on revising my winning Outcome! I know it's important to have it be realistic and specific. Thanks posting yours as a reminder for me!

You've done so well! Good luck this week!

Mama Bear June said...

Great job with setting specific goals. I know you are back on track for this week.
Path to Health

Jenny is Live & in Color said...

Good for you on working on the healthier living goal. A healthier lifestyle is really the best outcome.
Getting to bed by 11:30 is good one. For some reason, I keep staying up later and later, even though I love sleep and I know I need it. But it's the ONLY time the house is QUIET!!!

Heather P. said...

Awesome! I wish you lots of fitness fun in this challenge!

Southern Girl said...

You're doing so great on your exercise! That weight training is especially valuable, I've found. Keep up the good work!

Barbara H. said...

Thanks for your encouragement on my blog. Those are great specific goals.

Melanie said...

Yeah!! You're almost there. Keep up the good work!!

Simplymoi said...

you said it! Or small portions seem to multiply...but I am ready to do what needs to get done for this week! You have some great goals and I know you'll do great!

EllieMae said...

You sound like you are right on track!!! Good luck on maintaining! I know that you can do it!