Tuesday, September 4, 2007

MDWLC - Week 17

I am back at 157 this week, but I realized something on Saturday. I have maintained my weight within 5 lbs (between 158 and 153) since November of 2006. So, for nearly a year, I have been at goal. And it made me think that even though I am not losing from week to week, I'm evidently doing something right.

Once again, I got caught up in the short term, not realizing (or commending myself) for the life long changes I have made. Do I still make mistakes? You know it (let me just wipe the ice cream off my face). But I also know that when the scale starts creeping up, I just need to tweak a little bit. And a little bit are the results I'm going to get. I'm not going to lose 1 or 2 lbs a week, if I lose at all, and that's O.K. Even though I'm not all that thrilled with the way my body looks, maybe my body is happy where it is and I need to be O.K. with that.

When I was picking a goal weight (155), my Weight Watchers leader told me that I had to be sure to pick a number that I would be able to maintain, not just a number that I wanted to see on the scale. And I've done that. I've tried to go lower, but it doesn't last long and maybe there's a reason for that. My ideal weight seems to be in the 154-158 range, and that's cool with me. It's more than I want to see, but less than I was. And less than I was just makes me happy.

I decided last week that even though I don't have to, I am going to start going to weekly Weight Watchers meetings again. I really do miss the meetings and I have definitely noticed that I tend to do better knowing that I have that to look forward to on Saturday mornings. I have to give up the Saturday morning free time with the family, but Dave is totally supportive and it gives him a chance to be alone with the kids during the day, something that doesn't happen too often.

So anyway, I'm up this week, but that's O.K.! I've made the changes and I'm sticking too them which is the real goal, right?

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MDWLC starting weight (5/18/07): 158
MDWLC current weight (9/4/07): 157
Loss/Gain to date: -1.0 lb
Goal weight range for next week (9/11/07): 154-158

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ValleyGirl said...

Congratulations on maintaining your goal weight for so long!!! Way to go!

You're right, WW meetings really do help. I lost 40 lbs way back in '02/'03 on WW, but quit going after 5 months. Five months after that, it was ALL BACK AGAIN. Isn't that disgusting?! If we weren't on an incredibly tight budget right now, I'd seriously consider re-joining. Having a supportive spouse really only goes so far!

Mama Bear June said...

You are so right. The good habits are definitely the most important thing. When you are eating healthy and getting exercise, you feel better and will be healthier and that is really the best thing about it! Congrats on your wonderful attitude! :-)
Path to Health

Beth F. said...

I just love your attitude, Thea! I can't wait to hear how going back to meetings helps you. I may do that same!