Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I'm an old pro at taking Jacob to preschool. I've had 2 years of going through the drop off line and having the teachers take him out of the car. Easy, breezy.

But that first day, 2 years, when they took him out of the car...whoa, boy. I immediately pulled off into the parking lot and bawled my eyes out. I called Dave and he talked me down. I just wasn't prepared for that.

Just like I wasn't prepared for it this morning when they took Emma out of the car for her first full day of preschool. I thought I had this thing down! I was excited to have a few hours to myself! I was looking forward to cleaning! NO, REALLY! And still, I pulled off into the parking lot and bawled my eyes out (again). I called Dave and he talked me down (again).

Could it really be that my little girl is going to school? Could it really be that her book bag is actually a little bigger than she is? Could it really be her walking into that building, without so much as a glance back at the car (just like Jake did 2 years ago)?

Truly, truly unbelievable.

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Misty said...

Just wait until Kindergarten.

ValleyGirl said...

Oh, I feel for you. My oldest just started Kindergarten and I think I'm over it, but her little sister is pretty heart-broken every time the bus comes and goes without her. (although I think it has less to do with missing her big sister than being jealous that she doesn't get to ride the school bus!!)

Barb said...

I'm so proud of Emma! For the first time in almost 10 years I am alone for 3 hours a day. I cried when the first few went to school, but the last one didn't bother me at all! Be grateful that she isn't screaming that she doesn't want to go..that would make everything harder!

Melanie said...

At least she's happy to go! Imagine how much harder it would be if she threw a fit when you dropped her off!!

And, in a short time- she'll be bigger than that book bag.

Sue said...

It is hard to watch them grow up. I love the backpack comment. Kayla looks so cute with hers on too. :) It's great they love school, but it stinks that we have to wallow all by our lonesome.

Kayla is home sick today - yes, it started already. She actually got a big grin when I said she had to stay home with Daddy though. :)