Friday, September 7, 2007

Vacation planning

I'm a planner. For as long as I can remember, I've been a planner. I tend to not like surprises and I like to completely control every second of have a say in vacation planning.

Right now, I am planning two trips. One is a mini family reunion. Since I seem to have developed a reputation for having a little bit of knowledge concerning the Internet, I was designated planner. That's cool with me. But I have to tell you, It's very hard to find a date that works for nearly 30 people. I finally picked one today and we'll hope for the best.

Second, I figure it's about time Dave and I take a solo vacation. We try to get away by ourselves every year. We try to alternate every year between having just a weekend away and taking a full week. And it is SO time to take a week.

But Dave has very little time to think about anything other than work, the kids, or sleeping so we've been having some trouble coming up with a location. After we started talking about it last night, we kind of stalled. So I asked him this morning if he could take a little time today during work just to think about it.

And boy did he think about it. You know what he came back with? Hawaii. HELL YA! Now this could all change in a week or month, but as of right now I can say:

I am planning a trip to Hawaii! ADULTS ONLY!!!
Whoo. O.K. I'm felling much better now. Granted, the trip probably won't be until fall of next year, but still. I may be going to HAWAII!!
Holy crap, I think I might pass out.

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Christine said...

If you pass out can I go in your place?

ValleyGirl said...

Haha, I was going to say the same thing!! How 'bout making it a couples' retreat?! That sounds wonderful! I'm hoping (and praying a little here and there, trying not to sound too selfish!) we'll be able to do that sometime within the next year or so as well. In the meantime, have fun planning!!

Sue said...

That's a great destination. Chris & I went in high school. I can't wait to go back someday!!!

Have fun planning (btw - I'm so like you - major planner and a control freak). ;)

Scribbit said...

If you're going to Maui (and that's what I'd recommend) I could give you lots of info--we spent Thanksgivings there when I was a kid and even now it's my absolute favorite spot to play.

Gumby said...

yea for you!