Monday, September 3, 2007

The Chlorine Fog

Did you miss me horribly over the weekend? I thought you may have so I decided to take a quick second to post tonight despite the fact that I feel like I am going to fall on my face.

Can it really be that we only went out of town for about 36 hours? 36 HOURS??? That's not even two full days. But we are exhausted. Dave hit the nail on the head when he said he was "beach tired". But we weren't at the beach so I am dubbing this feeling "The Chlorine Fog".

We left yesterday around 11:30 am and the drive only lasted less than an hour. We got to the lodge around 12:30 and since we knew that we couldn't check-in until 3:30, we decided to have lunch and then just let the kids loose in the attached water park. After all, that was the whole reason we took the trip.

By 1:30, all I wanted to do was take a nap. The place was so warm and the chlorine just hit you in the face. Add to that me having to carry Emma around because she was less than excited about water being randomly dumped on her head, I was exhausted. What can I say? I'm an excitement lightweight.

Dave was in charge of Jacob who was running around like a chicken with his head cut off. He was going down slides that I wouldn't have imagined he would. He was dumping water on people. He was getting water dumped on him. Quite surprising for a boy who has to wear goggles in the bath because he can't stand water in his eyes. Oh, how things change once the soap is taken away.

But being the family we are, even in 36 hours we sustained a number of injuries. There were big scrapes on the legs from trying to get out of the metal-framed sofa bed. There were stubbed toes (all on my foot) from slipping on the water slide. There were scratched backs from going down water slides a gabillion times. But the biggest injury of all? Jacob slipped and fell and hurt...take a wild guess. I'll give you a second. You're right! HIS TOOTH! The child is a magnet for tooth injuries. He really is, and I don't know how much more clearer we can be than "Honey, please don't slam your mouth into things". You'd think with 2 emergency dentist visits under his belt, the kid would learn. He is quite stubborn, that one.

But overall, despite the incredibly unhealthy food, lack of naps, chlorine, and injuries, we really did have fun. It was good to get away even if it was only for 36 hours. There was even talk about making it an end of summer tradition. That's cool. That gives me a year to prepare.

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ValleyGirl said...

I DID miss you this weekend!! Glad you're back safe and sound -- and I use that term loosely, haha! My husband always wants to do a get-away like that too, but I envision it to be something like what you've described and I'm fine with putting it off for a year or two yet. Just having a family 'camp-out' in the tent in the back yard last night was challenging enough. Sheesh.

Beth F. said...

His tooth...again? OH MY GOSH! It sounds like you guys a fun time. Next time, take me, okay?


Sue said...

Had to laugh at the injuries - not the hurting part - but the inevitable part. You can never escape them. Chlorine fog is perfect - it really wipes you out and add that to the sun. Amazing you're still standing. Glad you had a fun time and want to do it annually!