Friday, May 4, 2007

7 Things Meme

Sue tagged me yesterday for the 7 Things Meme. I'm going to tell you 7 random facts about myself and then tag 7 other people to do the same. Here we go!

  1. I used to collect Pez dispensers. At the height of my collection, I had well over 200 pieces.
  2. I hate Pez candy.
  3. On the first day of my honeymoon, I got over 80 mosquito bites on my legs and ended up in a Dominican Republic clinic getting antibiotics.
  4. I don't like swimming in the ocean (or lake, or river). I'm not too keen on swimming with other species. If it's not chlorinated, count me out.
  5. I had jaw surgery the summer before my senior year of high school. I spent my 17th birthday with my jaw wired shut. My mom made me a "shake"; she blenderized my favorite Peanut Butter Cream Pie and vanilla ice cream.
  6. I am REALLY afraid of the dark. I'm much better than I was growing up, but I still have a hard time walking from through my own house if all the lights are off.
  7. I once took home top prize (the coveted Spirit Stick) during a weeklong cheerleading camp.

I tag Beth, ZanyMama (yes, you must now do 14!!), Michelle, Kimberly, Lara, Shannon, and DeeDee

6 reviews:

Kimberly said...

I'm with you on number four, definitely. Thanks for the tag!

scribbit said...

I'm not big on swimming at the ocean either, and then I found a salt water pool. It's the best of both worlds: you can float terrific but can still see bottom.

Sue said...

I'm the same way, I don't like swimming places other than a pool.

What a stinky 17th birthday. But that's so great your Mom made you a birthday cake shake. :)

Zany Mama said...

Thanks for the tag - I'm sure I'll be able to come up with 7 things about myself. Although I'm a little bummed that you took the afraid of the dark thing.

Dark is way over-rated.

org junkie said...

Oh that sucks about the mosquito bites on your honeymoon...uggg.


The Lazy Organizer said...

I love Pez candy! My list if finally up. Thanks for the tag!