Saturday, May 5, 2007

Exciting stuff, folks!

Beth tagged me for the handbag meme and I finally got around to taking pictures of my bag, which was a little weird. I've never been much of a purse carrier so please try not to fall asleep while you reading this.

This is the bag I carry when I don't need the diaper bag. It's my reminder to myself that I deserve to carry something other than a receptacle for other people's poo. I take it whenever I don't have the kids or if I'm just running a short errand or something. I got it at Target for like, $15 or something like that. And I am so cheap that I hesitated even paying that much.

Drumroll, please...
Front view
Aerial view

Yes, this is the entire contents of my purse: wallet, phone, chapstick, notebook, pens, WW Membership book, tissues, ponytail holder, pictures of the kids and an empty film canister. I use the film canister to transport my sugar free hazelnut creamer when I know I'll be having coffee someplace other than my kitchen. And when I drive, my keys go in the purse, too.

That is all. Thank you.

3 reviews:

Kimberly said...

That's a dang cute purse! Definitely worth $15. Hee hee...receptacle for other people's poo...that was hilarious!

Beth said...

I think that is a super cute handbag!! Great job, Thea!

Sue said...

Cute bag. I could never get away with something that small. :) just reminded me that I was tagged for this back in April and I completely forgot. Yikes! I need to get on that this afternoon!!! Thanks.