Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy May Day!!

So that exciting news I was talking about a few days has arrived! Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry has launched a new blog focused on helping YOU lose that extra weight!

Please, go check out Tales from the Scales for information on the upcoming May Day Weight Loss Challenge. All the fun starts next week (May 8th), so that gives you a week to take inventory of your life (well, your diet life anyway) and decide on what steps need to be taken to make 2007 the year that you drop the pounds.

And once you are there, please take note of the picture on the left of the red-headed goddess frizzy haired girl listed as a contributor. Look familiar? That's right, it's me! Beth has asked me to be a regular contributor to the site so please keep your eye out for "Thursday's with Thea" (cute, I know) for a weekly weight loss article penned by yours truly!

4 reviews:

Kimberly said...

Neat! I'm so hopping on the bandwagon!

scribbit said...

Nothing like the impending Swim Suit Season to put the fear in me and I too start planning the weight loss.

Beth said...

I am so excited to be doing this with you, Thea! You are awesome!

Christine said...

Wow Thea, that's great! I guess I need to take on the challenge to get rid of this baby weight, though dieting is not really allowed while breastfeeding. I'll just need extra motivation to not scoop myself a big bowl of ice cream every night!!