Tuesday, July 3, 2007

MDWLC - Week 8

Here we are in week 8! It doesn't seem like 2 months have passed!

Goals. Right. Did I make goals last week? LOL! I'm sure I did, but I'm also sure I didn't follow a single one. Well, that's not true...I did figure out a schedule for myself for when I will weigh in and make new goals. I've decided that I'm going to start a new "points week" on Saturdays, and I'll continue weighing in once a month on Saturdays at my Weight Watchers meeting. I'll also make new goals on Saturday. But I'll also weigh in every Tuesday morning and come and tell you lovely people about it!

I didn't quite make it to the gym or to the treadmill last week, and I didn't do so hot with 2 servings of dairy last week, pudding or otherwise. But I did manage to lose .5 lb this week... despite the pint of butter pecan ice cream I had at 11pm last night. Dave's theory was that I wasn't fully digested and if I weigh myself tomorrow, I'll be up 2 lbs... But I figure, hey, as long as the 2 lbs is gone again by next Tuesday, it's all good.

So here are my goals for this week:

  1. Walk 6 days this week. I found a walking program in an old WW magazine that I'm going to try out. Anything to get me on my feet!
  2. 3 servings of dairy each day (and only one can be a dessert). I had grilled cheese yesterday for the first time in I don't know how long and it was SO. GOOD. And I've already mentioned the pint of ice cream...
  3. Fill in all the boxes on my WW journal. That means 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, 2 servings of dairy, 6 - 8oz glasses of water, and a serving of oil EVERY DAY. But it feels oh so good to mark those little boxes off..

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MDWLC starting weight (5/18/07): 158
MDWLC current weight (7/3/07): 156.0
Loss/Gain to date: -2.0 lb
Goal weight for next week (7/10/07): 155.5

May Day Weight Loss Challenge - The Whole Schebang - http://sheet.zoho.com

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Mama Bear June said...

Did I misunderstand something? Shouldn't your loss to date be 2 lb? :-D Getting the little cartons of yogurt can be an easy way to get your dairy in if you like yogurt. I put a few semi-sweet choc chips in mine to add to the treat. If you get dark chocolate, it's healthy, so you could put some shavings of that in your yogurt. ;-) Path to Health

Emma said...

Those sound like great goals to have. I should think of some for me. Good luck with them!

Mich said...

ah goals.....it's always good to aspire to something! good luck!!