Monday, July 9, 2007

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

Oh my, what a weekend! I'm exhausted! I finally got a halfway decent night's sleep last night, but I still feel like I'm behind. Or maybe I slept too much over the weekend since the kids were gone... My friend Cyndy might describe the feeling I'm having right now as "sleep drunk": I feel like I slept O.K. but I'm still really tired. Gotta love it!

The show went really well, we had about 20 people each night. That doesn't sound like alot but I honestly never saw the show advertised in any of the local newspapers so I consider 20 pretty good (the room will only sit 75). It was good to finally have an audience and get some fresh feedback; I was getting laughs in places the director hadn't laughed at before, but the flip side of that is that when I "expected" laughs, I didn't get them. It was just nice to do it for a fresh set of eyes and ears. As much as I love our director (no matter how much he teases me about doing laundry on my weekend off), it was time for us to let someone else see the show. One weekend down, one weekend to go.

With the kids gone to my parents house over the weekend, Dave and I were able to have a pretty relaxing weekend. Cast get together on Friday night, brunch and movie on Saturday, and a cast party (at our house) on Saturday night. By the end of the weekend, though, we were starting to get a little weirded out by how QUIET the house was. No screaming, no running, no falling things (whether toys or kids) was eerie.

When the kids finally did get home, I wasn't able to get much information out of Jacob as to what they did the whole weekend. I know they swam at the pool and he saw fireworks, but beyond that, I have no idea. But there were no visible bruises or open wounds so I call the trip a success!

Tune in tomorrow to see exactly how much weight I gained from ingesting the all too nutritious No-Bake Cookies, Amoretto Sours, and Fried Mozzerella Sticks that became my diet all last week! Woohoo!!

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