Friday, July 6, 2007

must blog, must blog now...

Hello. I have approximately 78 seconds before Jake will be getting up from his nap, so I must blog quickly.

Jake and Emma are going to my parents for the weekend for July 4th festivities (a little late, I know) and Jake is bouncing off the walls so I'll be happy to ship him off he's really excited to go spend time with Mimi and Far-Far. They'll be swimming and walking and huge inflatable things and cheap plastic prizes and ice cream and fireworks. They're heading out right after dinner tonight and my sister will be bringing them home on Sunday.

Tonight is opening night for the show I'm in, and I am SUPER NERVOUS!! The format, content, and style of this show are unlike anything I've ever done before and I just hope people get it. And I hope I do a good job portraying this character, because she really is something special! I've got performances tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday afternoon.

Dave will have a chance to see the show tonight and there is an open panel discussion following the show that he's been looking forward to taking part in. It will be a long night that will hopefully end with the ingestion of alcoholic beverages and fried cheese products.

Hopefully while the kids are away this weekend, we'll be able to take in a movie and go see a local theatre troupe sing a few songs. And if we have some extra time, maybe I'll even go to the grocery so that I can feed my family...

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