Monday, July 9, 2007

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Healthiness

On Thursday, I posted at Tales From the Scales about an article I found on Weight Watchers. Being the 4th of July and all, it was all about making your own Declaration of Independence for your weight loss. Those participating in the challenge were then told to come back on Monday and link to their post about their own Declaration.

And I forgot. Yep, I wrote the post and then promptly forgot about it. I didn't remember until I visited Beth today. Go me! That should show you how much I've thought about my weight loss and staying on track this week.

Which is why I really need to do this!! So here it is, in all it's glory...

My Declaration of Independence

When, in the course of my life, it becomes necessary for me to change how I handle certain aspects of my life, I know that I have enough strength and will power to do that.

After all, I have a right to feel healthy, energetic, in control and proud.

I shouldn't have to feel tired, overstuffed and dumpy, and I refuse to feel that way anymore.

I know losing weight is hard. When it comes to food, I have an especially hard time with candy, desserts, and making good choices at restaurants.

But it's worth it to me to dedicate myself to the task of losing weight, and I will do what it takes to meet my weight goal of 153 pounds.

I am dedicated to my plan for weight loss, and to get there, I will keep a food journal, exercise four times a week, and stop eating when I feel full. And I will do all of these things regardless of the speed bumps life throws at me

Now is my time, and I WILL make it happen. This is my Declaration of Independence from the obstacles I struggle with daily. Let the fireworks begin!

2 reviews:

Mama Bear June said...

Too funny that you forgot about it! ;-) Great idea, glad you started it.

Mich said...

Nicely done!!