Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Beautiful Banshee

O.K. Maybe banshee is a little bit harsh (i'm sure her screams aren't warning us of an impending death), but my girl has got a set of lungs on her.

Call it a scream, call it a shriek, call it what you want. It's loud. It's high pitched (she once made a wine glass ring in another room). It's annoying. And at times, it's actually physically painful to hear her. And she does it ALL THE TIME. It's usually when she's mad or wants something and we had the audacity to make her wait. But it's starting to trickle over into playtime. She and Jake are starting to make it a game, and I really think they get some sort of satisfaction out of seeing blood coming out of poor Dave's ears.

And how do you deal with that? We can't scream back. We have learned from experience that you can't always do things with earplugs in your ears (especially drive 7 hours). We can't yell. We've tried ignoring it. To no avail. And I think duct tape might be taking it just a little too far.

So if you see Dave or me in the streets, remember we're losing our hearing so you may need to speak a little louder. But, please, PLEASE...just don't scream.

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Sue said...

Oh - the wonders of a Toddler's lungs. Mine like to screech - and they play off each other. Drives us both crazy - especially at mealtime, as that's their favorite time to do it.

Hang in there. Hopefully it's a phase she'll pass soon.