Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh my God

It's 1am. I'm dead tired. And yet, I can't seem to bring myself to got to bed. Why? Because I'm still not convinced that I've made a wise purchase. I've been spending most of the day researching my latest obsession, and I finally made a decision and went out and bought one tonight. Then I came home and immediately got back online to second guess and do more research on a product I've already got. What could be so interesting and important?

A mop.

I think I've reached a new low of loserdom and may need serious intervention...

2 reviews:

Sue said...

This must be one special mop. :) I hope you got to sleep last night. Insomnia very rarely plagues me, but when it does, it drives me crazy!!!

Beth said...

It's the Libman mop, right? Oh, please let it be the Libman mop!!