Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Finding my happy place (or Delta sucks)

Here's today's rant:

Everybody's sick.
Delta lost Dave's luggage on a flight from DC to here...even though he never checked it.
They couldn't give us an accurate time of when it would be returned to us.
Dave leaves again tomorrow for Australia.
He had to go out and buy all new toiletries to replace the ones that were in the lost luggage.
The luggage got to our house while Dave was out buying all new stuff.
He forgot to bring his cell phone so I couldn't call him at the store to tell him not to buy all new stuff.
I am evidently a human punching bag for my children.

Good stuff that happened or will happen later:
McDonald's new Southwest Salad is really good (I even ordered the chicken grilled and the lowfat Italian dressing)
Jake discovered the security camera and monitors at McDonald's and had a good old time hamming it up...for himself.
We're getting ice cream later to celebrate Jake's birthday early.
Emma had a hoot stealing the pieces to Hullabaloo while Jake and Dave were playing it.

6 reviews:

B said...

Girl, you need some Calgon...quick!!!!

Delta does suck.

Beth said...

okay so why did my comment just show up under "b?" wierd.

That was me, by the way!

Sue said...

Oh, I don't like checking luggage. And they lost what he didn't check? That takes talent. Hah! Once they made me "check" a bag after I was on the plane. I was in the first few rows and all the people in the back of the plane put theres up front to make it "easier" on them. Mine couldn't fit. But I had my fertility meds in my carry on - I almost freaked out on them. Good thing I kept my temper in check otherwise I would have gotten arrested. I was terrified of losing my bag though.

Glad you got it back, even if he did get all new stuff.

Christine said...

Love the alternate title. Sorry for the crummy airport stuff, that stinks!

Sharon said...

Feel better? Hey--you have ice cream to look forward to. Hope your day got better!

Zany Mama said...

You know, I know a really smart lady who does relaxation workshops for moms...

Wait, she's actually kind of hyper and nuerotic herself, so I'm not sure she's what you're looking for. :)

Hope your day got better!